Faerie Fire (Ebook)

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Faerie Fire is a supplemental anthology compatible with Fifth Edition tabletop games, adding new depth and mechanics to the fairy realm. This book features over 50 new original creatures (from CR 1/4 to 19), new player options, and a module (appropriate for levels 2-5). Each page is boldly illustrated with a colourful retro aesthetic, reminiscent of 80s synthwave and 90s school supplies.

Featuring over 70 artists with a cover design by Yuko Ota, Faerie Fire is certain to be a glamorous addition to your tabletop collection.

  • A DRM-free PDF in mobile and desktop-optimized resolutions, as well an accessible version with easy-to-read fonts, image descriptive alt text, and navigable headings
  • Form-fillable character sheets
  • Faerie Fire wallpapers for desktop and mobile backgrounds

Pages: 152
Publication date: July 2018 (1st ed), December 2019 (2nd ed)

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